Maxime Priou – Sommaire

par Gelydrihan


Introduction : The Dynamic Focus

Part I : Morphology of Doom

1.1 The Rhetoric of Doom

1.2 A Mythology for England

1.3 This Is No Treasure-Hunt

1.4 To Waver Is To Fall

Part II : The Doom of Men

2.1 On The Threshold of Death

2.2 Death as a Vertical Horizon

2.3 Death as Doom

Part III : Life vs Doom

3.1 Naked Will and Courage

3.2 Revival and Panbiotism

3.3 Rising Sap

3.4 The Road Goes Ever On and On

Part IV : The Doom of Choice

4.1 The Language of Narrative

4.2 The Fate Effect in The Lord of the Rings

4.3 The Freedom Effect

4.4 A Capricious Combination of Fate, Providence and Will

Part V : The Epiphanies of Doom

5.1 Doom, Doom, Doom

5.2 The Dark Shadow

5.3 For All Living Things Were Her Food

5.4 The Ring of Doom

5.5 The Bearer and the Ents

5.6 On Mount Doom Doom Shall Fall

Part VI : The Gifts of Doom

6.1 The Gift of Men

6.2 The Experience of the Sacred

6.3 One and Whole

Part VII : The Second Music of the Ainur

7.1 The Power of Words and the Wonder of Things

7.2 The Complex of Melkor

7.3 A Hymn to Recreation : Towards the Second Music

Conclusion : The Conquest of a New Territory

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