Table des matières

par Gelydrihan

Table of Contents


PART ONE : A Man and a Christian 6

I- Early Influences 9

I.1. Mabel Tolkien : a Christian Legacy 9

I.2. Father Francis Morgan and Upright Christian Values 11

II- Interaction Between Work and Family Life 14

II.1. Edith Tolkien : True Inspiration and Conflicting Views 14

II.2. J.R.R. Tolkien and His Children : an Interactive Christian Relationship 18

III- C.S. Lewis and the Inklings 20

III.1. The Inklings 20

III.2. Clive Staples Lewis 25

PART TWO : Christian Aspects of the Cosmic Order in Middle-earth 30 !

I- Christian Characteristics of Evil 34

I.1. The Nature of Evil 34

I.2. Christian Manifestations of Evil in Middle-earth 38

I.3. Evil and “Eucatastrophe” 45

II- Ilúvatar and Providence in The Silmarillion 48

II.1. Ilúvatar 48

II.2. The Valar 51

II.3. Providence and Fate in The Silmarillion 54

III- Death in Tolkien’s Work 56

III.1. Death, Immortality and Ilúvatar 56

III.2. Christian Representations of Heaven and Hell in Middle-earth 59

PART THREE : The Lord of the Rings, a Fundamentally Christian Work 63

I- Christian Free Will and Symbolism of Colours 67

I.1. Free Will and Hobbit “Luck” in The Lord of the Rings 67

I.2. A Representative Use of Colours 71

II- Christ-like Figures in The Lord of the Rings 76

I.1. Gandalf 76

I.2. Frodo 79

I.3. Aragorn 82

III- Further Christian and Biblical Features 85

II.1. Controversial Bombadil 85

II.2. Divine Galadriel 88


(two letters from Christopher Tolkien)


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